Innovation as a Service


Innovation as a Service

The face of innovation is changing

Organisations are seeking to respond to a changing trading environment, but by making investment in “innovation” teams they will not achieve the necessary results. New product concepts and processes can be more easily copied through advancing technologies and these same technologies can enable new competitors to enter established markets with disruptive propositions. Built on our experience we have developed an approach that is adaptable to your needs but also structured and is targeted to give you actionable plans.

At EpsilonSys, our Applied Innovation Solution comprises of People, Partnership and Process 


  • Putting the user at the centre of innovation and discovering their world
  • Working with the organisation to develop ideas and market insights
  • Developing an ongoing business culture is essential with appropriate idea management


  • Recognises the value of potential partnerships and new business models
  • Working with clients to partner innovation into the market


  • A range of tools and templates which help to balance creativity and structure
  • Modular concept that can be used in part or as a whole

Meaning of Innovation

For EpsilonSys, Innovation means a practical and “hands-on” approach that is focused on delivering real business benefits. It is also seen as an iterative process by which an initial concept is taken through the process with a consistent methodology supported by appropriate documentation.

Innovation Services

EpsilonSys’s innovation services deliver complete propositions. These are all the elements that a client needs to enable them to understand, purchase and use a product or service. It is a total client-experience which drives the technology and service delivery.


EpsilonSys draws from best practice, experience and is adaptable to the client requirements. It is underpinned by a methodology framework with supporting documentation and with consultancy tools that help to give a clear articulation of the service and its benefits to the client’s customer and the clients themselves.


EpsilonSys’s philosophy is to work with our clients to ensure that they and the impacted areas of their business are engaged appropriately. This can be worked through involvement in workshops during the different stages of the process, individual meetings and the organisation of key stakeholder steering meetings.

Managed Innovation Process

Where there are limitations of resources within an organisation’s business, a fully managed innovation process could be supplied by EpsilonSys, using the Applied Innovation Solution focusing on the importance of People, valuable Partnerships and the EpsilonSys Process.