About EpsilonSys


   EpsilonSys builds real-world applications of AI technology, working towards the second part of EpsilonSys's purpose: to use intelligence to help make the world a better place. We collaborate with experts to build tools that support and augment their work in fields from healthcare to energy efficiency, and apply our cutting-edge research to help improve our’s products and services.

   Drawing on the best available technologies, together with our own original research, we’re making meaningful breakthroughs in addressing some of society’s biggest and most complex challenges.

   We possess 10 years of experience in development and integration of Intelligent Systems. We are your ideal business partner.

   EpsilonSys is a knowledge-based organization with a sound work ethic and a personnel profile, abundant with industry specific experience and enthusiasm.

 EpsilonSys is committed to their clients’ business success. It’s that simple. EpsilonSys employees are trained to ensure that the Intelligent Systems they build specifically are designed to help our clients achieve their goals. We know that Intelligent Systems are a means to an end, and we work with our clients to ensure that the systems we help them design, deploy, and manage are perfect for their specific needs.

 We realize the best way to achieve this is by becoming a technology partner with each and every one of our customers.

 A technology partner is far different from a software development firm mainly because of two components:

 Businesses operating in today’s economy are required to respond to a multitude of business pressures in increasingly shorter time frames. Information technology has traditionally been viewed as the business lever to enable organizations to respond to pressures and attain positive outcomes. Technology is now positioned as the key enabler within organizations as they move to address mounting competitive and performance pressures.

 Transitioning an organization to adapt to the new realities of business is a complex process and many organizations are apprehensive about tackling the strategic challenges that surround processing, knowledge, information technology and people. It is imperative that your business to be successful, you must address all these components in a comprehensive manner in order to achieve an edge in the new economy.