Internet of Things


The Internet of Things: the next big Thing that will change our lives

Machine-to-machine (M2M) is very much a term used by mobile network operators to describe the activation and deployment of Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) to transport data packets across a mobile network .

The Internet of Things entails any ‘thing’ being a machine, device, even a plant or a person who will communicate to another ‘thing’ regarding its current status over any available connection.

The available connection can be wired, wireless, mobile or any combination. A SIM card or mobile data connection is, therefore, not a prerequisite for transporting status information.

This will focus on the business value of the Internet of Things and give an insight into how improving business value can actually improve end-customer value at the same time.

  • Advances in information economics
  • The inter-play between functionality and value, as perceived by customers
  • Those elements which together comprise ‘the Internet of Things’,


  • How the evolving ecosystem provides opportunities for both established players and new entrants
  • Examples of how different industries are taking advantage of the new opportunities to strengthen their business or organisational processes
  • Key success factors which enable organisations to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things.