Infrastructure Management

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your organisation. And standardisation is at its heart. Complexity must be managed and critical business applications must be readily available. Capacity and performance management becomes easier. The emergence of Cloud computing, Virtualization, Mobility are forcing enterprises to rethink the way to business, deliver services more efficiently with cost and quality benefits from any location. Smart technology decision-makers are now looking at IT infrastructure outsourcing as a way to deliver near-term cost savings while positioning IT as more of a business enabler for the future.

Through our in-depth experience, we’ll provide the scalability and flexibility to help your business adapt to changing market demands. Surprised? Not particularly. Especially when you can call on our subject matter expert (SMEs) to know more about our following business solutions underpinned with one or multiple set of service offerings to handle your end to end requirements.

  • EpsilonSys Private Cloud
  • EpsilonSys Unified Service Management
  • EpsilonSys Local Cloud
  • EpsilonSys Dynamic Workplace

We use a service catalogue based approach – as part of our continuous service improvement programme – to identify and offer any new innovative service to you. Delivering more value straight to your bottom line, so that your operations can be more efficient. And our world-class facilities will improve service levels and user satisfaction.

Not to mention, that we believe in Green IT. All our data centre management infrastructure solutions have a low carbon footprint, thanks to high utilisation and energy-optimised data centres.

We can make the change management of business critical IT systems really rewarding. Managing risk, reducing cost and cutting out complexity.

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